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At Thinkspace Technologies we help and encourage our customers to bring their ideas to life.

We distribute the most recent, cutting-edge 3D printers and jet moulding machines. Besides we offer software engineering services – specialized for the 3D industry – to fulfill all your needs. We use the products that we sell each and every day so we’re confident that we know what will work the best for your needs – we can even tell you things that the manual doesn’t.

Our expertise implies the software and hardware tuning of 3D printers, so our customers can give a free range to their thoughts without any boundaries and they could operate in the most cost and time efficient way. Check out our products and solutions tailored for unique needs.

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If you are in need of perfect finished products made with additive manufacturing you're in the right place. Thinkspace Technologies is now FANUC reseller. With these industry leading, precisely built robotic arms, 5 axis CNC milling machines, or wire electrical discharge cutting machines, additive manufacturing's high efficiency is assured.

We can get you a quote for: Industrial Robots Controllers Software and Accessories CNC Systems Drives, Motors, Lasers High Speed Milling Machines Injection Moulding Wire Electro-discharge Cutting Ultra Precise Robotics
and many other additive technologies related needs.

Only imagining the final product is difficult with our printers, creating them is a piece of cake.   GET A QUOTE