Production of special, custom-made 3D
ceramic-composite materials and prototypes
External Measures: It is a robust 3D industrial printing device (11 x 7 ratio) of the latest design with pressure-tight enclosure. The production chamber is specially designed for the use of different ceramic, metal and composite materials.
Production technology:The 3D printing machine allow you to produce custom-made components and prototypes by high-energy laser beam developed layers time efficiently at competitive costs. Production parameters can be adjusted at a wide range according to the materials and the geometrical design.
Preparing materials: The 3D printer is equipped with an independent preparation unit for unique ceramic composite materials for for research or serial production, under controlled conditions.
Control: Local or remote device and production control mode, the printer is equipped with own software and intuitive user interface.
Testing environment: Machine to perform preliminary tests for various manufacturing parameters and conditions with the same technology with economic testing equipment.