Rigid Toggle Mechanism: Clamp Movement by Ball Screw & Synchronous Belt Drive for Fast & Accurate Clamp Operation
Fully Guided Multi Point Ejector:
  • Ejector Movement by Ball Screw & Synchronous Belt Drive
  • Long Ejector Strokes
  • Ejector Parallel to Clamp Movement
Bull Gear Mechanism: Simple & Accurate Mould Height Adjustment for Precise Tonnage
Endura-II - Advanced User Friendly Control:
  • Ergonomic Layout
  • High Speed Microprocessor
  • Direct Access Menu Keys
  • Graphical Presentation of Machine Features
  • Self Diagnostic & Fault Finding Capability
  • Parameter Entry in Absolute Value
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Compact Injection Unit:
  • Injection Movement by Ball Screw & Synchronous Belt Drive for Precise Control of Injection Function
  • Synchronous Belt Drive for Screw Rotation
  • Refilling Parallel to Clamp Movement
The Drives:
  • New Generation Servo Motors & Drives provide Optimum Performance
  • The Position Control is by Drive Axis
  • POWERLINK™ Ultra Fast Connection between PLC & Drives provides fastest Response Times
Superior Precision
Cycle Time Reduction: Parallel Movement of Axes
Shot Weight Consistency: Reduced Cost
Quick Barrel Exchange In Vertical Direction (up to IU 630): IU 970 onwards Barrel Swivel Mechanism