Magna T
Robust & Rugged Toggle Mechanism:
  • Toggle Mechanism Optimized for Fast Cycling & Reduced Platen Deflection
  • Higher Mould Weight Capacity
Bull Gear Mechanism: Simple & Accurate Mould Height Adjustment for Precise & Consistent Tonnage
Multi Stage Ejection:
  • Smooth & Fast Ejection
  • Easy Access to Ejector Area
  • Knock Out Bar for Multi Point Ejection
  • Pulsating Ejector
Generous Mould Space: Accommodates Large Moulds
Wide Skates for Platen Supports:
  • Reduced Platen Deflection
  • Enhanced Life of Tie-bars
  • Higher Mould Carrying Capacity
Endura-II, Advanced User Friendly Control:
  • Ergonomic Layout
  • High Speed Microprocessor
  • Direct Access Menu Keys
  • Graphical Presentation of Machine Features
  • Self Diagnostic & Fault Finding Capability
  • Parameter Entry in Absolute Value
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Closed Loop PID Temperature Control:
  • Provides precise Temperature Control
  • Excellent Process Control & Stability
Twin Cylinder Injection Unit: Uniform Load Distribution across Screw Centerline
Precise Linear Guideways: Frictionless Linear Bearing Guideways improve the Injection Power & Cylinder Alignment
Replacement of Standard Induction Motor with Servo Motor: Energy savings up to 50%
Automatic Grease Lubrication for Clamping Unit: Ensures continuous & optimum Lubrication to Reduced Friction & Longer Toggle Life
Fully Guided Knock Out Bar: Provides Multi Point Ejection & Even Ejection Force
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Machine Components: Provides Maximum Strength to Weight Ratio
Hydraulic Valves Mounted Close to Actuators: Fast Response From Actuator to Control Unit