Maxima Servo
Robust & Compact Two Platen Clamping Mechanism:
  • Long Clamp Stroke, Large Daylight & Generous Mould Space
  • Large, Short Stroking Central Ram gives Quick Tonnage with Uniform Distribution of Clamping Force. This along with Extended Platen Support Skates gives excellent Platen Parallelism & ensures Long Mould Life
  • Traverse Cylinders for Rapid Clamp Speeds
  • Smaller Footprint
Fully Guided Multipoint Ejector on Fly:
  • Smooth & Fast Ejection
  • Proportional Speed Control
  • Knock Out Bar for Multi Point Ejection
  • Linear Transducer for Position Control
  • Easy Access to Ejector Area
Rigid Base Construction:
  • Maximum Strength, Rigidity & Durability
  • Lower Machine Centerline
Endura-II - Advanced User Friendly 10.4" TFT Controller (500 to 1000 Ton):
  • Ergonomic Layout
  • High Speed Microprocessor
  • Direct Access Menu Keys
  • Graphical Presentation of Machine Features
  • Self Diagnostic & Fault Finding Capability
  • Parameter Entry in Absolute Value
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Hydraulic Valves Mounted Close to Actuators: Fast Response From Actuator to Control Unit
Precise Linear Guideways: Lower Friction Linear Bearing Guideways improve the Injection Power & Cylinder Alignment
Energy Efficient Hydrualics: Electro-Hydraulic Variable Volume Pump for Low Energy Consumption
Robust & Rigid Clamp:
  • Maxima Tie Bars are Fully Supported End-To-End by Rigid Frame Structure to Ensure Platen Parallelism.
  • Automatic Lubrication of the Moving Platen & Clamp Cylinder Platen Assures Continuous Low Friction.
  • Split Locking Nuts on Buttressed Grooved Tie Bar Threads Ensure Aligned Clamp Lock-Up.
  • The Moving Platen & Cylinder Platen Together form a Deep Box Structure for Minimal Deflection & Optimal Support for the Mould.
  • The Moving Platen Adjustable Skates Ride on Hardened Steel Ways & can be Precisely Adjusted as Needed Over Time.
  • Above-Average Tie Bar Spacing & a Large Opening Allow for the use of Big Moulds & Deep Draw Parts with a Smaller Footprint Machine. Tie Bar Extensions & Optional Tie Bar Pullers Provide Moulders with Added Flexibility. Large Moulds can be Easily Installed with a Crane.
Precision Processing Performance:
  • Maxima Series provides Versatility with Multiple Injection Units available with A-B Barrel & Screw Combinations.
  • Whole Injection Unit Swings Out offering Easy Access for Maintenance.
  • Clean & Clear Access to the Purge Area on both the Operator & Non-Operator Sides of the Machines.